IFREMER to use Big Fin Scientific equipment

DFS/2 in the Mediterranean
DFS/2 in the Mediterranean

IFREMER, a premiere European oceanographic and scientific research organization, headquartered in France, will use the DFS/2 Digital Fish Science systems from Big Fin Scientific for their yearly Channel Ground Fish Survey (CGFS).

The DFS systems have already been in-use by IFREMER, in smaller studies which allowed them to validate the systems in parallel to legacy methods.  The systems were proven to be highly reliable, accurate and markedly reduce time required for survey work.

Now that the DFS systems have been verified, they will be installed on the organization’s primary vessel, the Thalassa, in time for this year’s CGFS.  IFREMER intends eventually to use the systems fleet-wide to bring the same efficiency, accuracy and repeat-ability to all their survey work.

More information about IFREMER surveys can be found here: