Anishinabek Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre
New Jersey Div of Fish and Wildlife
Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Texas Parks and Wildlife, Dickinson Marine Lab
Auke Bay Laboratory, Juneau Alaska
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Marine Scotland
Marine Scotland
Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
USDA – Agricultural Research Service, West Virginia
Maine Department of Marine Resources
USGS – Lake Erie Biological Station
Mississippi Dept of Marine Resources
Uni Research, Norway
The Yurok Tribe
Oregon Fish and Wildlife
USGS – Lake Ontario Biological Station
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
South Carolina DNR / SEAMAP / NEAMAP / Marine Resources Research Institute
Alabama Marine Resources
ILVO, Belgium
The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Alabama A&M Fisheries
NorthEast Fisheries Science Center
Div of Marine Fisheries, Massachusetts
Little White Salmon Hatchery, OR
The French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea
Fisheries and Ocean, Canada
Georgia Dept of Natural Resources
FL Fish and Wildlife
Alaska Dept of Fish and Game
Chromservis, Czechoslovakia
Biodome, Montreal
Archipelago Marine Research
Virginia Marine Resources Commission