Firmware Updates


Before you update your Firmware or Platform Manager, please off-load all data from your Fish-Board.  Updating your Firmware or Platform Manager will cause loss of fish-records! 


The Platform Manager Utility

This is a Windows-compatible utility which allows PC communication with your Big Fin Scientific fish-board.  Use this utility to off-load all your fish data (from your fish-board to your PC) and to upload new firmware to your fish-board.

Download the Platform Manager.

The download is a zip file, which contains an EXE file.  Extract the EXE file to your Desktop or other place you’ll remember on your computer and double-click the PM Icon to run it.  There is no installation required.

User Guide for the Platform Manager.


Updating Firmware on your 10MF1

IMPORTANT:  If you have customized functionality on your 10MF1 that we’ve programmed just for you, do not install the Generic Firmware found here.  Instead, contact us so we can solve whatever issues you’re seeing and supply you with new firmware which (a) solves the problems and (b) keeps your custom features.


Please perform an “Erase all Data” from the settings menu of your board *after* you install the latest firmware.  The Erase All Data function will initialize the memory storage area to store new fish-data according to the new firmware.

The Latest Generic Firmware is Version 1.72  (Download the latest Platform Manager to be fully compatible with this Firmware Version.)

Download The Latest 10MF1 Firmware

The above download is a zip file containing an “eeprom” file.  After you extract the eeprom file from the zip file, you’ll be able to use the Platform Manager to load it to the board.

Updating Firmware on your DFS/2

The DFS Android application allows seamless firmware updates via a dialogue in “General Settings”.  First, connect to both the internet and to a fish-board.  When you select “Update Firmware”, the application will gather firmware files off of a webserver and ask you which firmware you’d like to use.  When you tap on the firmware you’d like, the Application will burn the firmware to your connected fish-board.

After waiting for the firmware to be updated on the board (about 30 seconds), be sure to power-cycle (turn off, wait 3 seconds, turn on) the fish-board after burning new firmware.