DCSLinkStream Android Application

About DCSLinkStream

DCSLinkStream is a powerful App that runs on Android

  • Supports most modern Android tablets of 8″ screen or larger.
    • The waterproof Samsung Active Tab Series is a great choice.
  • Syncs data to DCSUnity – See all of your data via a web browser.

DCSLinkStream lowers costs

DCSLinkstream decreases the cost and time required to gather and process fish data by providing immediate access to all your data, eliminating the errors and delays associated with transcription from paper to PC and providing lots of real-time feedback during data gathering, so that corrections can be made when the fish is still in-hand.

Connect everything to DCSLinkstream
Connect all your peripherals to DCSLinkstream for fast and reliable data capture.

DCSLinkStream provides these benefits:

  • Eliminate the time and errors associated with transcription from paper to PC.
  • Streamline and speed up your data-taking.
  • Real-time feedback to correct errors or guide dynamic and quota-driven studies.
  • Increased accuracy of animal measurements by creating a standardized process across multiple users
  • Immediate access to your data; no more transcribing, no more waiting.
  • Validate data when it’s entered, not later when corrections aren’t possible.
  • Optionally send your data to your secure web account, automatically.

DCSLinkStream does this by:

  • Easily customized studies; create new fields, trigger actions and data summary views yourself, at any time.
  • Connecting to all your hardware.  DCSLinkStream serves as the central point of connection for all of your data-collecting and output devices:
    • Scales
    • Length-measurement boards
    • PIT-tag readers
    • Bar-code scanners
    • Calipers
    • Label Printers
  • Providing real-time feedback to the user:
    • PIT tag alerts with full PIT-tag record history lookup, on the fly
    • Quota/tally fields
    • Data summary views
      • Histogram
      • Summary Tables


DCSLinkStream costs just $30 per month per user.  There are no upfront license fees or other maintenance costs.  DCSLinkStream can be run on a variety of Android devices.

Try it Now for 30 days, No Credit-Card Required.

Go to the DCS Downloads Page, install DCSLinkStream to your Android-powered Tablet and register via the App for the 30-day trial.

Ready to buy?

The easiest way to purchase your DCSLinkStream subscriptions:

  1. If you haven’t already, register DCSLinkstream on your Android device (start your 30 day trial)
  2. Sign into your DCSUnity account (DCSUnity is a Web App which works with DCSLinkStream) and purchase licenses through the DCSUnity website with a credit card.
  3. Your DCSLinkstream license will be automatically updated.