Big Fin’s technology is very innovative, efficient, and effective at collecting all types of fisheries data. Their customer service has been beyond commendable, as they are always available to answer questions, troubleshoot devices, as well as collaboratively develop new ideas. I would highly recommend this to any agency or company looking for a cost effective and efficient way to collect fisheries information.

Adam Kenyon
Biological Sampling Program Manager
Virginia Marine Resources Commission


I’ve been using the 10MF1 fish board for the past year and couldn’t be happier with its ease of use. It drastically cuts down the data collection time and I never have to worry about transcription errors. I would definitely recommend this product to those tasked with measuring large volumes of fish.


John Wiley
Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council
Honolulu, HI


The electronic BigFin rule is a simple and robust solution to quickly and accurately measure the species we are studying in our surveys. The implementation of the solution BigFin is an undeniable quality win for our observations.

Vincent Badts