DCSLinkstream: Our Powerful Fish Data App

DCSLinkstream is a flexible, easy to use, low-cost application for gathering fish data.  It runs on a variety of Android devices and costs only a dollar per day with no other costs.


DCSLinkstream has a companion application that lives in the Cloud.  DCSUnity synchronizes all of your fish data from DCSLinkstream to your secure web account, accessible via browser.  When you install DCSLinkstream, a DCSUnity account is created for you automatically. DCSUnity is currently free to use and data-syncing is optional.

How to Install

  • Start with DCSLinkstream.  A DCSUnity account will be created for you when you register your DCSLinkstream account.
  • Go to your tablet’s settings screen and tap on the Security section.  Make sure “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” is set to “on”.
Download DCSLinkstream
  • Register your copy of DCSLinkstream with your email address.
  • Tap “Log In” (after you’ve clicked on the verification link sent to your email address.)
  • Enjoy a 30-day trial.

After initial registration, an internet connection is not required for operation.

Try it Now for 30 days, No Credit-Card Required.

DCSLinkStream installs for new users with a 30-day trial.  It’s a full-functioned trial.  Your DCSUnity account will also be active during the trial.  You can log into your DCSUnity account using the same email and password you used to register DCSLinkstream.  The DCSUnity web application can be found here:



DCSLinkStream costs just $30/mo for annual subscriptions or $40/mo for monthly subscriptions.  There are no upfront license fees or other maintenance costs.

Ready to buy?

Here’s the easiest way to purchase your DCSLinkStream subscriptions:

  1. If you haven’t already, register DCSLinkstream on your Android device (start your 30 day trial)
  2. Sign into your DCSUnity account (DCSUnity is a Web App which works with DCSLinkStream) and purchase licenses through the DCSUnity website with a credit card.
  3. Your DCSLinkstream license will be automatically updated.

When you register DCSLinkStream on your device, a DCSUnity account is created automatically for you.  Use the same email and password as you do for DCSLinkStream.


  • Click on “Contact Us” in the lower-right of your browser, fill out the form and someone will contact you to set up your license.